16 | What's life really like with four kids?

Danielle is telling all about trying to care for four kids. Chaos, chaos, and more chaos! Our spawn now outnumber us and it’s messy, out of control, and the furthest thing from quiet. There are plenty of lessons to be learned about trying to parent four kids. Things rarely go according to plan, the floors are always sticky, toys are almost always on the floor, cleaning never ends, and we never leave on time, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

13 | When you're supposed to be "glowing," but you feel like hiding

This week Danielle is talking about perinatal and postpartum depression and mood disorders. She has always struggled on and off over the years with depression, but this time it hit her like a ton of bricks. She reveals just what it’s been like leading up to making the decision to take antidepressants and what postpartum life has been like this time.

Here’s a link to Danielle’s story about dealing with a perinatal mood disorder. Sometimes you don’t realize that depression is stealing your joy