Danielle Rivenbark

Danielle is a 30-something event professional, wife, and mom of four kids, who is always tackling new projects, and learning new things. Her fantasy self runs the Spartan trifecta, but her reality self is too tired to run, so she's left the Spartan (and all other exercise feats) to her brother, Scott. 

Planning events is at the nucleus of her working life and she loves blogging about all that she’s learned as an event professional. She hopes that her work advice is helpful to others in the industry, or at the very least entertaining! 

Danielle is happily married to her polar opposite Jerry, and together they have four kids, Gardner, Caitiejane, Steele, and Jerry III (“Little Jerry”), who they talk about on their podcast, Have Kids They Said

Jerry and Danielle currently high-five each other as they fall into bed each night exhausted from shuffling and chasing their three kids around. Danielle attempts to process all the chaos of being a mom through her blog. She uses the power of time travel to get it all done. 



"I am always relieved to know that Danielle will be supporting my programs.  She is often a step ahead of me in the planning process, and patiently waits for me to finish my question before reply, 'I took care of that yesterday.'"

"Danielle is dedicated to making sure programs go off without a hitch.  She is one of the go-to people for our team."

"Danielle is a natural leader who is always looking to improve service to clients, better internal processes and communication strategies with colleagues. Faculty describe her support of courses as "flawless execution". She strives to take care of all of the details and logistics so that faculty are able to focus on teaching and relating to clients. She is always enthusiastic about taking on the most challenging courses and assignments."

"Danielle's willingness to step up and assume a leadership role of the whole Continuing Professional Education office within the Office of Continuing Studies is commendable. She worked closely with the Executive Director and the Office of Continuing Studies' Business Office to align Continuing Professional Education with best practices. She addressed issues of office integrity with long-term clients, correcting processes and introducing office protocols, and, as an example, hiring subject matter experts to assist the office."