We had a "fiver party" and you should too!

Our oldest celebrated his fifth birthday this month and we decided to throw him a “fiver party”. So what’s a fiver party? I’m so glad you asked. A fiver party is where you ask everyone that attends to bring $5 in lieu of a gift. The parents of the birthday child purchase one big gift in advance and all the money received goes towards one big gift chosen by the child.

We kicked Murphy out of our lives - Best. Decision. Ever

We decided to kick Murphy out of our lives starting last year. Many of you know Murphy, right? Murphy’s Law: “If anything can go wrong, it will.” We, like so many other people, were using credit cards to fund our emergencies and living paycheck to paycheck. I was tired of feeling like we could never get ahead. So in my infinite Googling on how I was going to make it through another financially stressful month I stumbled upon Dave Ramsey. From there, it was on!

Why knowing your audience is important when planning menus

I had an event in early May for about 75 banking professionals. The age range of this group was broad from participants with their first job, to the more experienced professionals with 5-8 years of experience, to our seasoned instructors, some of the retirement age. In addition, the students came from Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. One participant traveled from as far away as Oklahoma. Having such a wide variety of age ranges and locations can make it difficult to please when it comes to food.

Navigating the early kindergarten registration process

I posted online a while back asking for advice from anyone that had gone through the process to admit their child early to kindergarten in North Carolina. I didn’t find anyone that had done it. In addition to that, as a whole, people are not excited about this idea at all and most of the advice was “don’t do it.”

On-Site Badge Printing... I'll never go back to pre-printed name badges (if I can help it)

I recently ran a large conference. The largest I’ve ever organized. There were just over 900 people in attendance. Because this conference was so large, we were afforded some flexibility with our funds to be able to properly support the conference. Of course, for me this meant getting fun toys! And fun toys meant technology! Not only did we have a conference app, but we were able to get on-site badge printing. Let me tell you, check-in has never been smoother.

We Made A... Hurricane Baby! (An "Ice Ice Baby" Pregnancy Parody)

We're pregnant again and this time Hurricane Florence is to blame (well, maybe we had a hand in this too). You obviously can't leave us alone for long. Yes... this will make 4 kids under 5. Yes... we know how this happened. But to celebrate and set the record straight we've made a video to the tune of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby".

Sometimes, it’s my family that gets the worst of me

We all know the rat race that we often call life: wake before the sun (and most importantly, wake the before the kids), shower make breakfast, get everyone dressed and fed, rush them out the door, inevitably forget something at home, drop them off, fly into work on two wheels (how late do I feel today? Just 5 minutes today? Success!!), turn the computer on and breathe.

Rejuvenating yourself when you feel like you're chained to your desk

I am often chained to my desk these days. After getting back from holiday break I have been full force for the last week throttled into the managing of all the events coming down the track in the first quarter. I am that quintessential duck on the pond. I may look like I’m handling it, but in reality I’m paddling like mad just to stay afloat. Now, let me be clear, no one has actually chained me to my desk, and no one is making me sit at my computer all day cranking out emails and spreadsheets. This act is completely self-inflicted because well… stuff just needs to get done.